Thursday, September 20, 2012

Opps! Here's the link!

So sorry about the link...that was really weird. I tried so hard to put the blog out before going to the shop for a full day of cleaning and setting up. I couldn't come home to fix it till now.
With that being said...there are A LOT of people wanting to go...the emails came pouring
if you want to make sure you are going...we will be at the shoppe working from 10-2 PM. You can bring your payment in then. We will go as a group of only 30 so stop by and see us!!

(click here for the train trip flyer) I HOPE!! Hehe

Now for the work crew tomorrow...we will not be moving items in tomorrow. You can still come join us if you want...there are still a few things to do sooo...the plan is for Saturday...and Sunday...& if all goes expected...

We will be open Tuesday at Noon. 

okay...time for bed...

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