Friday, August 31, 2012

It's TWINS!!

Well timing just couldn't be better! You know the saying "things happen for a reason?"
Well... that's the case for me!

As it turns out during this transition of moving the shoppe... I am having twins! I knew I was having one... but two? Oh, I tried to hide it as long as possible just so there wouldn't be a lot of chit-chat about it. But now... I am just gonna lay it out there for all to know.

I've seen the Dr. already and if all goes as planned... I will have them on Monday the 10th. I have even already named them...Carolyn & Chloe. When we open the new shoppe... I will bring them in for all to meet. I know meeting them will be a personal choice as some will probably decline. That's ok... I won't be offended.

Here is a picture of what I expect the two will look like...

Aren't they something!!
We knew of 1 which has doubled to over an inch and the other one is I guess just a BONUS! SO with that being said the 10th is the big day. I'll need a few days to recover and then it should be back to business! Wish me luck!!


I will have breaking news to share with you on shoppe location this coming keep your eye on Facebook or the email.
Wait till you see... I am sooo excited! I am having the hardest time keeping it secret! Before the ink is dry on the lease I will be letting the cat out of the bag!
Then we'll need some help!
Anyway... please know that absence makes the heart grow fonder... I miss all of you so much.
Let's get together this Tuesday Night at Dos Coyotes from 5-8 PM. Bring your knitting/crochet of course and let's have some fun!! Please respond and let me know if you can make it... I'm thinking Texas Sheet Cake for dessert...

Ok that's all for now... miss you!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Today will mark the first day of a new beginning for Anna's Yarn Shoppe. Although it was lots of fun today with the music playin, the pizza eatin and LOTS of friends there to help was bittersweet. There are so many memories...7 years worth to be exact. I have be blessed with much to remember...laughter and is all precious.
And now... I'm so scared!...I'm so excited!
 I feel like a little kid that is going to Disneyland for the first time.
Although this will be a time of transition and patience...I can't wait to get the shoppe reopened. We have so much in store and on the horizon its almost overwhelming. soon as the lease is signed...there will be a flood of information pouring out to you! In the meantime...keep an eye on your email and facebook for all the upcoming news. Thank you for all your support...we can't wait to see you again!