Sunday, September 16, 2012

A parking lot with flowers

I like flowers...There is something wonderful about looking out a window and seeing color, texture, beauty and it really boils down to just life...I had really been on quite a quest to find the right location for our shoppe and taking into consideration all the reasons why it was necessary to move. Here are the things you are going to LOVE about our new location...
1. LOTS of parking...
2. LOTS of up front parking
3. LOTS of shaded parking
4. No near fender benders
5. Did I mention the flowers outside the window?
6. What about benches to sit on outside the shoppe?
7. Easy access from the 99 fwy.
8. Less than 2 miles away from our previous location.
9. One of my favorite tea shops within walking distance.
10. We hope to be open in 1week!!! comes the fun part...
Post back and let me hear your thoughts!!

Lastly...anyone wanna be a worker bee? We have lots to do and will need help this week end with setting stuff up! Post back...

I miss you all sooo very much and can't to get back open!!


  1. Yes! Yes yes yes I am helping!! Call me :)


  2. It looks like the shopping center right off 99 and Elk Grove Blvd as you are coming north, on Stockton Blvd. Am I right?

  3. I know where it is but it's not fair for me to say as a part time employee. Woohoo we are back in business! :)

  4. Can't believe the emails pouring in guessing the location...Boy...some of you really know your Elk Grove area!

  5. you are closer to me!!!!! Wished i cud help however i have cancer treatments all this week....but I will be there in spirit. Cant wait for the doors to open!!!!!!

    1. Hi Posh,
      My name is Gini and I read your comment about going through cancer treatment at this time...first and foremost I'm sorry to hear that, but secondly I would love to help out with massages if you are interested.....let me explain, I am currently finishing up my Oncology Massage Therapy certification and for me to be able to complete my training I am in need of one more person to give massages to under the guidance of my instructor. The massages are at no cost to you...(although donations are always accepted..:). It is just that it may take a bit of time to get everything going, but it is so much fun and I hope you would enjoy it....if you'd like to talk to my other lady that I am currently working with, I'm sure she would love to talk to you!
      Let me know what you think...I know this is coming out from left field and honestly I know you may feel a bit uncomfortable....but ask Annie, she will remember me talking about least I hope she will...:)
      My email is I hope that I hear from you, and it won't hurt my feelings if the answer is 'no'..... Take care!!
      Gini. ;)

  6. I don't live in Elk Grove, but I'll travel anywhere for Anna's Yarn Shoppe! I can't even guess at the location, so I'll wait until you officially tell us where it is!

    Julia Mundel

  7. I have been trying to find an exact address without any luck and getting a bit frustrated. I know you are relocating, but why not post the address? I do not live in Elk Grove so the hints mean nothing to me. Today was my second try. Thank you.

    1. Marilyn, I hope you have seen Anna's latest posting. If not, the reason for the secrecy was that we just signed the papers yesterday. There were three sites that Anna was looking at, and the new shoppe had to fit all of our customers needs. We all think this was the best choice and hope all the customers will too!

      New official address: Anna's Yarn Shoppe
      At the Village
      9635 E. Stockton Blvd.
      Elk Grove.

  8. It is the shopping center that has Alicia's La Fuente and the Soccer store in it. It is also the shopping center of my kids dance studio. Will you be open late on Thursdays? If so, I won't have to sit in the Sequoia during their dance hours.

    1. Candy, we are all so excited about the new shoppe. Of course we will still have late nights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and you might not know that Lori our new resident weaver and spinner, will be available Wensdays from 2-6pm and often later to help all the fiber artists . The table on Wensdays is dedicated to the weavers and spinners, but the chairs are always open for knitting and crochet. The painting and new flooring are starting today! Not much longer now! Diana

  9. I love it!!! drove by yesterday and just sat there imagining how wonderful this new space is going to be..... and for me, I don't have to fight the Laguna BLvd. traffic!!! BONUS!!!! 1 mile closer to my house... let me know if and when you need help, my other half is out of town all week!!!

  10. I have favored your old location several times. I receive all your emails. I live about and hour and fifteen minutes away, but can't wait for the new address. Please keep me posted. Love the picture of parking area with ''ALL THE BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS" ....A KNITTING FAN ROSE

  11. the new location looks like the old shop County Quilting was in?